Provider Info:

Provider Group: ProMedica Health System 

Legal Name: ProMedica Health System, Inc.

Sector/Services: Acute Care/Senior Care/ Insurance Provider

Revenue Range: $1b+

Address: 100 Madison Ave., Toldeo, OH, 43604

C/O Person: John Pigott, MD

Provider Division: ProMedica Innovations

  • 2901 N. Reynolds Rd., Suite 235, Toldeo, OH, 43615


Investment Funds from and Amount:

  • Venture Fund Name: Multiple (ProMedica Invests $ into multiple funds - built out a Fund of Funds.)
    • Allocation or Fund Amt: N/A
  • Hospital Balance Sheet: ProMedica Ventures Fund (ProMedica Invests directly off of its balance sheet in an ad-hoc fashion.)
    • Allocation or Fund Amt: N/A
  • Foundation Name: ProMedica Foundation
    • Allocation or Fund Amt: N/A
  • Fund Management
    • Fund/Mgr: N/A



Primary Contact

  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Pigott
  • Position/Title: Chief Innovation Officer
  • Phone
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn
  • Admin Assistant:
    • Kathy Crowell

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