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team Heads

Department Heads

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Jane Cooper

Head of the Dentist Department

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Brooklyn Simmons

Head of the Surgeon Department

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Jenny Wilson

Head of the Nutritionist Department

core team

Team of doctors of different specialties

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Theresa Webb


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Mark Woghi


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Brooklyn Simmons


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Jason Pirs


doctors photo
Arlene McCoy


doctors photo
Adelaida Smith



Customers frequently ask

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i'm a patient and i don't understand or have questions about my test results ?
How do I access the lab test results of other people in my Medic 128 Patient portal account?
What Should i expect when i have a lab test?
Do i need to do anything special to prepare for a lab test?
How soon can i expect to receive my lab test results?
how can i find out more information about Medic 128 company?

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