Start Your Search

HDIG makes your research simple. Start by entering as much or as little information you have. Enter a company name, or a location, or select the type of company, or even an industry sector then press SEARCH.

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Get results

HDIG returns to you a list of companies that match your entered search criteria. From this page you can select VIEW to see individual company details. Or, you can refine your search results further.

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Collect Data

When you select VIEW you will receive detailed information about the company you selected. You will find contact information and information about the company’s mission, partners and portfolio companies, and more.

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Craft Your Solution

With the detailed information curated to your needs, delivered instantly, at your fingertips you can use the information as you need; contact the appropriate individuals, be informed about the landscape of any sector, find investors, even find hospitals interested in solutions in the sectors you operate.

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